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Posted by on Jan 27, 2010 in Headlines, Links, Southwest | 3 comments

Ireland Holiday Planner & the NEW Waterford Crystal Factory

Earlier this month, Tourism Ireland mailed a special Vacation Planner to targeted US audiences. They’ve got a digital versions available as well. You can download it and have a look for yourself:

In other news, Waterford Crystal is getting new life since it closed its doors a year ago. Plans are underway for a brand new, much smaller, crystal factory to open in Waterford city this June. Crystal will again be produced in the city that made Irish crystal famous! With a significantly smaller-scale production and crystal actually produced in Ireland (for years much of Waterford’s crystal was made in other countries), the product will again be a true luxury brand.

Thanks to Engaging Ireland for sending us the link to this article

A rendering of the new Waterford Crystal facility.

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  1. This is good news!
    A tour of the now defunct factory was included on my first tour of Ireland. Among other things, I bought a couple of Christmas ornaments which while labelled “Waterford” were actually made in Poland. I only noticed this at home. Despite this “disappointment,” they made a perfect gift for a Polish friend whose wife is Irish.

  2. Great news. My mum was gutted as she wanted to go an do the tour but never made it. She’ll be pleased to know she’s got a second chance!

  3. Brilliant news!- they need to be in In Your Pocket (Dublin In Your Pocket) to tell the world!.
    Can’t wait for a tour.

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