Ireland Holiday Planner & the NEW Waterford Crystal Factory

Earlier this month, Tourism Ireland mailed a special Vacation Planner to targeted US audiences. They’ve got a digital versions available as well. You can download it and have a look for yourself:

In other news, Waterford Crystal is getting new life since it closed its doors a year ago. Plans are underway for a brand new, much smaller, crystal factory to open in Waterford city this June. Crystal will again be produced in the city that made Irish crystal famous! With a significantly smaller-scale production and crystal actually produced in Ireland (for years much of Waterford’s crystal was made in other countries), the product will again be a true luxury brand.

Thanks to Engaging Ireland for sending us the link to this article

A rendering of the new Waterford Crystal facility.

Author: Corey

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  1. This is good news!
    A tour of the now defunct factory was included on my first tour of Ireland. Among other things, I bought a couple of Christmas ornaments which while labelled “Waterford” were actually made in Poland. I only noticed this at home. Despite this “disappointment,” they made a perfect gift for a Polish friend whose wife is Irish.

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  2. Great news. My mum was gutted as she wanted to go an do the tour but never made it. She’ll be pleased to know she’s got a second chance!

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  3. Brilliant news!- they need to be in In Your Pocket (Dublin In Your Pocket) to tell the world!.
    Can’t wait for a tour.

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