A Frosty Visit to Glendalough

As the sun barely breaks into the night sky, we pull into the empty parking lot. The scene is eerie and surreal. The grounds are covered in a white frost. The thick mist is barely beginning to fade. It dances around like little fairies playing games in the light breeze.

The Glendalough visitor centre does not open for a few hours. We start walking along the path that takes us along the green way following the east side of the lower lakes. The round tower and church rise out of the mists like in ancient times.

We visit all the old ruins of St. Kieran’s Church, St. Kevin’s Church, the Priest House, Our Lady’s Church, Reefert Church and St. Kevin’s cell and bed. We carefully step across the stones made slippery due to the frost. The deer on the hillside are watching us lazily. The sound of running water is all around, from the stream to water falls coming down the hillside. A blue heron takes flight off the lower lake.

We continue our walk, and we finally find our way to the upper lake. The tranquility and the trance we were in are finally broken by the sound of running footsteps and tree removal construction that starts. Or could it be the echoes of the past, with horses galloping along the path to enter Cahir castle as is shown at the beginning of the movie Excalibur. I would like to think so.

Submitted by Michael Connolly. More from Michael’s visit to Ireland last month at www.irelandexpertpatpreston.activeboard.com/forum.spark?aBID=104667&p=3&topicID=32551357 – posted by “Milo.”

Here’s our post from our Irish-American Roadtrip visit with Michael www.irishfireside.com/2009/02/11/sandstone-peak/ and the video from the visit is at www.irishfireside.com/2009/03/08/19th-video-from-the-road-la-ventura/.

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  1. What a lovely essay, Michael! And the pics included are just beautiful!

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  2. such a mystical spot. One of the two most memorable point of our trip.

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  3. Now THAT is a visit I would have liked to have instead of the touristy one I experienced. Lucky!

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  4. Beautiful photos Michael! It looks amazing and so serene.

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  5. Wonderful pictures – mine are similar as they’re from a grey December day. We didn’t know about Glendalough – saw a pic in a guide book when we were down in Waterford area and decided it should be a stop before getting back into Dublin and I’m so glad we did. We stayed in a beautiful, clean, empty hostel just across the lake. Also a plus – the drive through Wicklow and the mountains in order to get to Glendalough!

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  6. Thanks all! It was a great day. Especially arriving so early that no one was there.

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