Thankful… for Banoffee Pie

This morning longtime Irish Firesider Thomas Byrne sent us a note. This Thanksgiving, he’s serving up the Banoffee Pie recipe Michele posted here back in June. It looks delicious!

If you’d like to make some for yourself, you can find it in the post “Banoffee Pie for Breakfast.”

Here’s Thomas’ email… including a few of his own additions to the recipe:

Thomas Byrne's Thanksgiving Banoffee Pie

Thomas Byrne's Thanksgiving Banoffee Pie

Corey and Liam,

I used Michele’s recipe from the Irish Fireside, plus some twists of my own, and made a Banoffe pie for today!

I crushed a “Chips Ahoy!” chocolate chip cookie and drizzled it on top of the chocolate drizzle instead. I saw some cherries in my refrigerator crying to be used, too.

Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks, and I didn’t ruin it!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Author: Corey

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  1. Well, Corey totally surprised me by posting my pie. If I may say so myself, it was indeed delicious. First time I’ve ever had this kind of pie; I’m usually a devil’s food cake with fluffy white icing kind of guy. Of course, next time I may replace the bananas with a layer of crushed chocolate chip (or “Oreo”) cookies. OK…maybe too much sugar and not enough fruit. LOL!

    Now for the story behind the pie. I had emailed with Michele asking questions galore before attempting anything. (Michele is very patient and helpful!) I could just see the can of milk exploding, giving my kitchen an unplanned skylight.

    Anyway, I dutifully cooked the can of evaporated milk for the prescribed 3hrs, tending the pot to ensure the can was always covered with boiling water. Anxiously, I opened the can, and found that its contents hadn’t turned to toffee. Emailed Michele; she had no idea as every can of sweetened condensed milk she had ever boiled turned deliciously to toffee. (Notice the emphasis on “sweetened condensed milk.”)

    OK, so I tried again, but to no avail. Then it hit me. Is there a difference between “sweetened condensed milk” (per the recipe) and “evaporated milk” (what I was boiling the devil out of)? This multi-degreed (including pre-med) bachelor didn’t think so, but was laughed into oblivion by his female co-workers. Yes, indeed there is a difference, as my mom’s mom would have lovingly called me, e-jit (“idiot” pronounced with a brogue)! Oi!

    To add more shame, the next day I received my electric bill: $150 more than the same time last year…and the only difference was six hours of boiling evaporated milk!

    Here’s to following directions! LOL!

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  2. Thomas,

    I am delighted that your Banoffee finally worked. I have to admit that when you emailed me to say you had been boiling “evaporated milk” instead of the sweetened condensed milk in my recipe, I joined your co-workers for a good laugh. Now you have the knack for it.

    Dan (on my forum) has a different twist on boiling the cans of milk. He baked the cans at 350 degrees for three hours. We have been discussing it under his trip report “NorthWest Ireland Aug 09”:

    Thanks for emailing me the photos. Your pie looked delicious.


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  3. That looks tasty!

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