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Every day I get emails asking that question. The only problem is people don’t tell me if they are flying to Ireland from London, New York or Fiji. They also don’t tell me whether they want to spend a week in Ireland or a month.Are they planning on an all-inclusive tour or a self-drive or will they take public transportation? If they are renting a car I suppose it will be a Ford or Toyota…but then again perhaps they prefer a Mercedes. They all want to stay at a castle but on the cheap. So what shall I tell them their trip will cost?

Let me consult my crystal ball!

I have written a comprehensive article about how to calculate your trip costs. You can read it on the IrelandYes! Blog.

If you follow my advice you can determine how much money you should save up for your trip to the Emerald Isle.

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Author: Michele Erdvig

Michele has done and seen it all in Ireland. Specializing in Ireland for over 40 years, she is one of the foremost Ireland travel experts in the United States. She writes guidebooks and blogs about Ireland, creates custom Ireland itineraries and dispenses free advice on her Ireland Travel Forum. www.IrelandYes.com

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  1. There is so much information on the Internet to research trip costs based on your interests, I cannot believe people would still ask this. There can only be one reason = laziness.

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  2. In my experience, laziness can be factor, but in many cases, inexperience plays a big role. Many people simply don’t realize how many options they have when visiting Ireland, especially among those who are used to booking package tours or cruises and those who have never traveled overseas.

    Michele – thanks for outlining things for us… you’ve created an excellent resource.

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  3. For some, it might be laziness, but for me, it’s being overwhelmed with the options out there…as Michele alluded. It’s funny; I have friends in Australia who have been begging me to visit for years. I put out a feeler to them a couple of weeks ago, and they came back with the exact questions Michele listed. LOL!

    For those who easily get overwhelmed with details, an all-inclusive tour is a great option. Personally, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seven (or is it eight now?) of Pat and John Preston’s tours (2010 details at http://www.irelandexpert.com/group-tour.htm).

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    • I think the majority of those who email me with the question of how much a trip costs is just starting to put out feelers. To contact me in the first place they have already done a search and found me on the Internet. Then they jump at the offer of help. From their initial inquiry, I don’t even think they realize that where they fly from or how long their trip will be is so important. They are just starting a conversation and a process.

      Because I get so many of the same inquiries, I thought an article about it would be a big help to many people with the same question. I am sure that only a small percentage actually email me.

      As Thomas commented, planning a trip can be overwhelming. For some it makes perfect sense to join a tour. Others want to do it themselves. It probably depends on personalities and other things. I have a small discussion of it on my FAQs page.


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  4. I just returned from Ireland, not my first trip by far. Car rental was way up in price along with the horrible exchange rate 0.46-0.49 cents for the dollar plus foreign exchange fees that were not there before. But had a great time anyway.

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  5. I avoid exchanging money like the plague when overseas. The lines can be long and the rates and other fees atrocious.

    Anytime I need cash in Ireland, I use an ATM. I withdraw as much as I’ll need for a week as sometimes there are individual transaction fees levied.

    Otherwise, I use my credit cards as they get the best exchange rates (AND reward points). As Pat Preston says, though, be sure to ask at the point of sale for the transaction to be made in Euros (or Pounds Sterling when in Northern Ireland).

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  6. Hey guys..I’m not a picky person for the most part…I did the whole trip for 16 days, flight included, car rental, B&B’s for about 2,500$ Canadian, each..and there was two of us! I thought that was pretty darned good…we were on a very limited budget..and man..did we have the times of our lives!!!!! Can’t wait to repeat it!!!!

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    • thank you very much our high school personal finance class thanks you very much

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  7. OOOpsss….forgot to mention our bar tabs..blew the budget all to hell…ahhhhahhahah!!!! Darn Guiness…and …then…we happen to discover Bulmers????? And find out that it’s called Magners over here…and that was hard enough to find..but..we managed…heheheh..hey…does anyone know..is it called Magners in America as well??? Sorry…dumb Canadian question……God Bless

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