Secret Santa with an Irish Twist?

santaQuestion for you all…

Is there any interest in a little Secret Santa game for the Irish Fireside?

You sign up, and we send you the name and address of another Irish Fireside Secret Santa. You send them a little gift and a note. In return, someone sends you a little something.

Normally, I don’t get into these types of things, but the idea of sending something REAL to someone from the Internet seems like fun.

This would be in addition to our Holiday Giveaway… yes, it looks like we’re going to manage a scaled-back version this year 🙂

Would you participate?

What should the gift price limit be… $5, $10, $15?

Leave a comment and tell us what you think…

Photo Credit: “Santa Goes Green” Cover illustration, originally uploaded by Elisa Chavarri.

Editors Note:

Secret Santa was a great success! Here’s where participants did some some show and tell Secret Santa 2010, Secret Santa 2009, Lucky Leprechaun 2011. Up next: Presents for Puck 2011!

Author: Corey

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  1. I’m in! Sounds fun!

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  2. Ditto! Sounds fun! $10 plus postage costs?

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  3. Secret Santa among complete strangers. Maybe not complete strangers because of the common bond of being members of this community. A little wacky, but I think I’d do it. A challenge to my creativity. $5 would require the most resourcefulness, $10 would provide more flexibility. I would vote for a $10 max.

    Would it be anonymous when you give the gift?

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  4. Count me in Liam & Corey!

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  5. I’d be in. Sounds like fun. I like the creativity factor, so I’d say $5 plus postage.

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  6. Count me in. $5 or $10 would do. If it’s a Secret Santa it would need to be anonymous, although our post office of mailing might give part of the secret away. Oh, well, it’s just one time and all in fun.

    Unless we do a Secret St. Patrick in March……

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  7. What a great idea!
    $15 will work for me.

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  8. I’m in also… sound likes I’ll be picking up stuff while over there!

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  9. I’m a little late but I’m in (if I can still get in).

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  10. Secret Santa names will be distributed on Nov 26th, so go ahead and sign up… You can sign up for the giveaway at any time until the last gift is shared.

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  11. I’m from Canada and if its alright, I’m in too! Sounds like so much fun! How exactly will this work? Will you choose who gets who?

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  12. Tanya, info will be exchanged Nov 25. We’ve got a few Canadians in the mix. Hopefully, no ones has any objections to sending their gifts to their northern neighbors… if there’s any trouble, we’ll figure something out.

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  13. Will there be a place to post what we received and thoughts that we want to share?

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