Irish-American Roadtrip Rendezvous

Irish-American soapmaker, Cindy Helgason was in town, and Corey and I couldn’t resist getting together with her to rehash the good times we had on the Des Moines stop of our Irish-American Roadtrip… has it really been nine months already?!?

Cindy had a gorgeous bar of her Irish flag soap on hand for us… love its scent called “Inis” – which means “island” in Irish. This time she insisted we keep the bar for ourselves… so this one WON’T be a giveaway item, and I can’t say I’m disappointed about that 🙂

I must confess, I’m a huge fan of Cindy’s soaps… and she’s pretty swell herself.

You can purchase a few bars for yourself from She has a great line of Irish-themed soaps on page 2 in her OFF-SEASON category… including some great soaps in the shape of the Claddagh and her Irish Oatmeal Soap that she crafted just for US!

Here’s the video clip from our visit:

Watching that first clip reminds me that we still need to show you how we made that Irish Oatmeal Soap! And here’s a peek at just how bad the roads were:

Author: Liam

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  1. Wow, imagine my surprise when I woke up to this post! Spending time with Corey and Liam is like being with old friends, even though they are new friends! Just had breakfast at the County Clare Inn in Milwaukee; this place is a real gem and I highly recommend it!

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