95 Touring Ireland in the Off-Season and Prehistoric Irish Instruments – AUDIO

prehistoricEpisode Guide – Podcast #95 Ireland in the Off-Season and Prehistoric Irish Instruments

In this audio podcast episode, we talk about some of the unique aspects of traveling Ireland in the “shoulder season.” Then we chat with Simon and Maria O’Dywer about some of Ireland’s oldest musical instruments.

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Show Notes

Intro Song: St. John’s March by www.PrehistoricMusic.com from the CD “Old to New”

High Season, Shoulder Season and Low Season

Many sites and tourist offices may be operating on reduced hours or closed for the season starting in Oct

Fewer hours of daylight

Stick to the tourist routes or explore the lesser-visited areas

Get your information from the people around you

Avoid spending too much time on the road

Experince the pub culture or traditional music scene. Don’t drink and drive

Simon and Maria O’Dwyer from www.PrehistoricMusic.com

Closing song: Five Together by www.PrehistoricMusic.com from the CD “Old to New”

Author: Corey

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  1. We spent 5 weeks in Ireland from mid-December to mid-January and found that there was a lot to do. Part of this was because of the Christmas events and part due to our over the wall and thru the field travel style.
    Many sites were closed or open limited hours, but when we asked we were told “aw sure, just go in”. Other sites like Mellifont Abbey had no one around and we just walked in and wandered about.
    For you photographers the shorter days are a real boon. You don’t have to get up early or stay up late to catch the good light and due to the low sun, almost the whole day has good, dramatic light. If you looked at some of the pictures, you’d be hard pressed to tell they were not taken in mid summer. The skies are blue with puffy clouds. I was wearing gloves however. It is colder, but not any worse than most American winters and better than many.
    Certainly don’t let the off season keep you from visiting. In fact it could be better than any other time of year.

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