The Best Podcasts for Traveling

Craig & Linda

Craig & Linda

All of us have favorite websites… you know, those sites and blogs we peek in on right after checking our emails and updating our Facebook statuses.

I never know what I might find, but I rarely expect to see my name featured in one of those sites. Well, that’s exactly what happened last night.

I was paying my regular visit to, and as you might expect, I was compelled to click Craig Martin’s “Ten Podcasts to Travel With.” There at #6 was the Irish Fireside with our names tucked in there.

A page from the Indie Travel Podcast Magazine

A page from the Indie Travel Podcast Magazine

I have to say, it feels great to get some notice from outside the Irish/Irish-American community (I love you guys too, but sometimes it’s nice to hear from an outside audience).

It’s especially nice when it’s coming from a source I respect. Craig and his wife Linda have been catering to the independent traveler crowd for several years, and have just extended their expertise to an all-out travel magazine… the gorgeous Indie Travel Podcast Magazine –

The only thing missing from the list was the Indie Travel Podcast itself… I guess Craig was being modest.

I’ve got a few other podcasts I listen to regularly, so I thought I’d take a moment to highlight them:

Keep up the good work podcasters, and for those of you who listen to podcasts, take a moment and let the creators know you’re out there. It will mean a lot!

All these podcasts are available on iTunes.

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  1. great list. I was looking for some food podcast recommendations, but found this instead 🙂 such are the wonders of the web.

    one note though: I do have a gripe with the This American Life podcast. It only makes the latest episode avaialable. To me, such an archive of valuable material (especially from public radio) should be avaialble to everyone. Such a shame not to be able to go back and catch up.

    cheers from Sydney,


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  2. Thanks for your comment Gary.

    Agreed about This American Life. They do have them available for purchase at Fortunately, I subscribe, so they get automatically downloaded to my computer and I can keep them for when I’m ready to listen.

    If you like This American Life, you’ll probably find The Moth, Storylife, To the Best of Our Knowledge and RadioLab enjoyable. Those podcasts are also more generous with their archive.


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