How Will You Celebrate Arthur’s Day Tomorrow?

Guinness Shadow, originally uploaded by Steffe.

The big day has finally arrived. The day when all the world raises a glass to Arthur Guinness in honor of the 250th Anniversary of the Black Stuff.

At 5:59pm Dublin time (that’s 12:59p in New York, 11:59a in Chicago, 10:59a in Denver and 9:59a in Los Angeles), a worldwide toast will be raised to Arthur Guinness. EVERYONE is invited to join in.

The big party is of course in Dublin, the home of Guinness, but smaller celebrations are planned anywhere the brew is served.

We’ve got a few more Guinness goodies to give away, so to enter, just leave us a comment answering:

How will you be celebrating Arthur’s Day?

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  1. I’ll be celebrating in the middle of the USA, in Lincoln, Nebraska! Hopefully I can take lunch early so I can make it to a Guinness by 11:59am. Sláinte!

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  2. I’ll celebrate Arthur’s Day across the country from Dublin, in County Donegal. I’m not sure where we’ll be at the time of the toast, but we’ll be sure to pop into a pub in time to raise a glass of the black stuff! To Arthur…

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  3. I will be celebrating Arthur’s Day in Boise, ID! My firends and I will be raising a glass of the black stuff at lunch tomorrow! Slainte!

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  4. I will celebrate in Texas which is a long way from Ireland but Ireland is in my heart!

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  5. 250 years is impressive.

    I’ll be at the dentist, so I’ll have to celebrate belatedly, in Missouri. Did have some Guinness in Ireland a few years ago; I’m not a frequent drinker, but it had a unique taste.

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  6. Will be celebrating by enjoying a Guinness with my wife and 11 week old baby in tow. She cannot enjoy yet, but she will toast Arthur with her bottle. Perhaps a dap on the lips….

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