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Yesterday, Liam and I spent the day hanging out with travel bloggers at Travel Blog Exchange ’09 (TBEX). For us, it meant a day full of insightful conversations about travel and blogging that ended with our heads are spinning with ways to improve the Irish Fireside.

For you, it means we have several new resources to share. For starters:

Michelle – This Ireland native now lives in the US with her family and is author of Traveling With Kids. I’m sure if we ask her nicely, she’ll join use here at the Irish Fireside and share some tips about traveling the Emerald Isle with kids in tow.

Heather Poole – and – This flight attendant and blogger has been crowned the unofficial spokesperson for Laviators (a term she coined for people who take photos of themselves in airplane bathrooms = Lavatory + Aviator). Don’t start thinking this is some perverse fetish. Heather’s post lays it all out for you… it’s like the Mile High Club only completely G-Rated. On your next flight to Dublin or Shannon, don’t be surprised when you find yourself wondering which passengers might be Laviators… or, better yet, end up taking your own camera into the bathroom with you. We won’t tell the folks at Aer Lingus 😉 – TravelPod provides a site where anyone can start a blog about travel without having to know all that techie stuff. Poking around the site, we already found a few posts about Ireland we want to pass along – Thehills visit Dingle and Zento attempts to cover Irish history. They’ve also some travel forums that may come in handy when planning your next trip. – The BootnAll Travel Network has an entire collection of articles about Ireland just waiting for you and your comments. Our favorites include one on Gaelic Football and another travellog called Don’t Eat the Sheep. BootnAll also has overview info for each country and forums. – To get a sense of the type of people were were hanging out with you can check out the group of bloggers who made a roadtrip from Seattle to Chicago to be with us.

We also scored some great goodie bags courtesy of TBEX and their friends and sponsors, as well as from As is the Irish Fireside tradition, we’re giving it away to our readers and listeners (except for the backpacks… we like them and can’t afford the postage to send bigger items like that). I’ll sort through the bounty and see what we can add to the giveaway list by Wednesday.

Remember, more interaction = more chances to win, so keep commenting on the blog, Facebook and YouTube and keep retweeting & mentioning us on Twitter.

Hat’s off to the crew at for an excellent conference.

Author: Corey

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  1. Oh, go on then…
    When I catch up on my posts about Chicago and TBEX, I’ll see if I can put something together about Ireland with kids.
    I enjoyed your company yesterday – it was great to meet you in person and learn more about your experiences in Ireland.

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  2. Daniel – We would have loved to have met you as well. There was a handful of podcasters there, and plenty of folks who love their gadgets AND travel – your kind of crowd 😉 Hope I can see you at TBEX 10!

    Michelle – It would be great to feature your thoughts on traveling IRE with kids. No rush – we’ll chat about and make a plan.

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  3. Nice to meet you both Corey and Liam. Nice research and links you pulled out for this post that are relevant to you both. Well done and looking forward to next time.

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  4. I was so happy to meet the faces behind the tweets and it was fun chatting with you guys. Hope our paths cross again sometime soon! Maybe in Ireland?

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  5. Looks like your blog got a little facelift too — looks great!

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  6. Sean and Kelly – nice meeting both of you too.

    Scott – hopefully, our entire site will be getting a facelift soon. It’s just a matter of making the time.

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  7. sooo happy to see you 2 again! and you’re right – so many great resources that we soaked in. can’t wait for tbex 10!

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  8. Great recap about TBEX. I found it to be a valuable conference especially the chance to meet other travel bloggers. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we met. With such a crowded space, that’s not surprising. Hope to rectify that by meeting you at TBEX10. Until then, I’ll be reading Irish Fireside.

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  9. Hiya Corey, Liam — I really enjoyed meeting you both at TBEX and the road trip crew really appreciated your tweeting it up with us on the way.

    I hope our paths cross again sometime in the near future!

    Pam/Nerd’s Eye View

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  10. Jessie – When you and Ed are around, good times are sure to be had.

    Donna – We WILL meet up next year… or sooner, who knows.

    Pam – Your roadtrip has been a hoot… Part fun, part experiment and part behind the scenes of travel blogging.

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