Ireland for $301… Roundtrip!!! Rooms for €9!

corey says…

US Airways is running a special on flights to Ireland from Washington DC, Baltimore and Chicago with fares starting at $301 (plus taxes & fees of up to $100). Travel must occur before Sept 12, 2009.

They’ve also got deals from Boston, Charlotte, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

I’m guessing these fares are being snapped up fast, because on my quick scan of tickets, the lowest fare I spotted was around $400, but the price will really depend on when you travel.

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Later in the season, Travelodge is offering €9 rooms at most of their Ireland locations (Galway, Limerick, Dublin, Waterford, Belfast, Cork, Derry/Londonderry) in November, December and January.

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Author: Corey

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  1. If that price was there, it was there just briefly. Best I could find was $464, plus fees that pushed the price to more than $560. Perhaps more specials are on the way, or at least we can hope so. Thanks for posting.

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  2. I found a couple flights for $400, but I had to play with the dates… which is always the case, isn’t it.

    Fingers crossed that the sales continue.

    I want to send the message to Ireland… “If you give us great prices on flights and accommodations (and maybe someone could talk to the folks in car hire who haven’t seemed to budge on prices), we will come and visit and spend our time and money and return to tell all our friends.”

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  3. You have to strike fast on these deals advertised as “from $xyz”. I watched fares for 2 months and then we locked in our dates. I saw the advertised fare, then delayed booking by 24 hours and the fare was gone. I paid $70 more per ticket. Can’t complain though – I’m going to Ireland!

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