Fathers Day & Irish Coin Cufflinks

On my first visit to Ireland, the country had it’s own currency, the Irish Punt. The coins were covered in images of Irish stories and animals, like the harp, the stag, the salmon, the hare and the bull.

To confuse matters a bit, the price of things was labeled in pounds, but mistaking the £ sign for the British Pound guaranteed you a funny look.

Now, the Republic is on the euro, and the Irish harp on the euro coins is the only remnant from the days of the Punt. However, Irish Coin Cufflinks is cashing in its old change and turning it into cufflinks. I must admit, the cufflinks look great and get me a wee bit nostalgic for the old money… whose idea was it to use two-cent coins in the new system, anyway?

Have a look at www.irishcoincufflinks.com. They’re handcrafted in Dublin and would make great Fathers Day gifts. Plus, the proceeds go to the Irish-American Story Project.

Author: Corey

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  1. Those are some really fine cuff links.. Cuff links add more class to your attire every time you put them on. It is one of the best male accessories.

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