A New Way to Read Ulysses for Bloomsday

corey says…

I have to say, reading Irish literary legend James Joyce can be a bit of an undertaking for someone more accustomed to short, snappy blog perusing. So “Ulysses Seen” garnered my attention.

This online graphic novel tells the story of Joyce’s Ulysses. For those who missed the literary bus, the story follows one day in the life of Leopold Bloom as he makes his whay through Dublin. That one day, to be precise, is June 16, 1904, and the date is now a major celebration every year in Dublin. Bloomsday!

You can find out all about the city’s festivities at www.visitdublin.com/Events/AllDublinEvents/Detail.aspx?id=235&mid=4369.

To experience “Ulysses Seen,” visit www.ulyssesseen.com.

To start reading the comic book, visit http://ulyssesseen.com/comic/us-comic-tel-i.html.

“Ulysses Seen” will also celebrate Bloomsday on Twitter, so follow along at www.twitter.com/UlyssesSeen

Author: Corey

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  1. -Thanks, Corey! We’ll be covering the first have of Joyce’s novel on the “Tweeters’ Guide” all this week in two or three chapters a day. Hopefully it will help first time readers get any easier toehold on this complex work and see just what all the Bloomsday fuss is about.

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  2. The Ulyssesseen first chapter is very well done. Perhaps it’ll encourage people to also pick up the book.

    The easiest way I’ve found to “read” Ulysses is to let the great irish actor Jim Norton do it for me, i.e. listen to it “on tape”. (And YES, it also has Marcella Riordan reading Molly Bloom’s part.) Fair play, as the irish say.

    22 CD’s unabridged from Naxos, and expensive at about $110US from Amazon, but available sometime from public lending libraries.

    It is so much easier than reading it yourself, and Jim Norton’s voice in my head is so much more pleasant than my own…

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  3. Oo! Thanks for the tip. We’ve been putting together an online reading collective/social media experience to read Ulysses, starting on Bloomsday. Check us out here … http://wanderingrox.wordpress.com

    We’re currently getting through the Odyssey, writing daily “fun” summaries of the Ulysses-relevant episodes.

    We’re trying to get as many people involved as we can and in as many different ways we can, so stop on by! These resources will be awesome.

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  1. From Irish Fireside | Ulysses "Seen" - [...] Thanks, Irish Fireside! [...]

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