What’s Going On In This Photo?

liam says…

While I’m writing up my next post, I thought I’d post this “teaser” pic. Any ideas of what is happening in this photo?

I’ll tell you this; it was in Kilkenny, it was in a very public place and the photo was not staged.

Author: Liam

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  1. That’s fantastic! (via Facebook)

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  2. He got to meet Daniel Day-Lewis? (via Facebook)

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  3. someone was axing him a question?? (via Facebook)

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  4. Irish version of the grim reaper? (via Facebook)

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  5. Maybe he is new to the area and needs to axe for directions

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  6. Let’s see…Kilkenny. Was he going to pick up a witch at Kyteler’s Inn? Or was he protesting the prices Tesco pays farmers for livestock? Maybe he was protesting that his job was on the chopping block?

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  7. Looks like someone bought an ax at a boot sale…

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