First Video from the Road

Finally got this video to post…You can watch in HD here


Author: Corey

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  1. Sounds like everything is under control. Have fun, drive safe and keep us posted.

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  2. Great to meet you at the Kieran’s Pub session ( last night in Minneapolis. You got to hear Brian Miller, Kate Dowling, Nathan Gourley, Nora Rendell, Tom Klein, Maggie McEneny, and Mike Lynch among others. Sorry there weren’t more patrons. When it gets this cold (-20 actual, -40 windchill) even Minnesota’s staunchest Irish music fans prefer the sound of their furnaces clicking on to trad jigs, reels and hornpipes. Tonight’s activities include the Pub Quiz and live trad with Tom Dahill at Keegan’s Pub ( in Minneapolis, Daithi Sproule’s class at the Center for Irish Music ( ) in Saint Paul, and set dancing with Tim McAndrews’ Lóma Mór Irish Dance Club ( and Tom Juenemann on box at the Ivy Building at 2637 27th Avenue S in Minneapolis. The extreme cold continues so we suggest more Irish anti-freeze (Jameson and Guinness). There will be no soft days (or nights) for you and Fiona in the Twin Cities. But count on plenty of Irish hospitality and great craic.

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  3. I’ve just come across news of your journey and felt I had to check it out (as a fellow traveller and travel writer).
    Anyway, I just want to wish you guys all the best and have a great adventure. In the meantime I’ll be doing some research to find a couple of gems for you to check out, at least I hope so.
    Well, safe journey and may the roads rise before you.

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  4. I am so envious. This is such a great idea and trip. I’ll be following here and on Twitter. 🙂

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  5. I WANT one of those Irish Craic Addict t-shirts!!! Please get us a link.

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  6. The exact Craic Addict shirts for the Road trip and many other fun Irish items can be purchased from Milwaukee’s very own Irish Supplier -ASAP (Always Something Apro Pos) at or 414-747-1914 Just give us a jingle!

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  7. Done, Ellen. 🙂

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  8. Don’t miss Conor O’Neils in Boulder, Colorado!

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