35 Belfast: Bonfires & July 12th

Episode Guide – Podcast #35 Belfast: Bonfires & July 12th

We share our experience at one of the many bonfires we visited on July 11, 2007, the eve of the Belfast Marching Day. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON below to watch.

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Show Notes

Heidi McAlpin, editor of Belfast In Your Pocket, took Liam and Corey on a tour of the Belfast bonfires. We’ve got an audio podcast about the experience in-the-works. Until then check out the Belfast In Your Pocket article about the 12th of July.

Read our blog entries from these our visit to Belfast during the Marching Season:

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July 11 – Belfast Bonfires

July 12 – Marching Day

We weren’t the only people catching the Shaw’s Bridge Bonfire on video. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can watch the same bonfire topple from several angles:

Author: Corey

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  1. Wow. Now THOSE are BONFIRES! And them being in Ireland, must have made it even better! 😀 You know, my son unexpectedly found himself in Ireland for a couple hours, a few days ago, en route to his depolyment overseas. He thought of me, lol 🙂

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