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corey says…We just couldn’t leave Ireland without being in the local newspaper. Today one of the neighbors let us know that we were in the paper. Of course they wouldn’t tell us why we were in the paper…they even suggested it involved some scandal.

When we finally got our hands on a Nenagh Guardian newspaper, we found out we were pictured in a segment on the mass at Eddie’s Holy Well. No drama there…it was just a group shot. The funny thing is that we were introduced to some people today, they said, “Oh, I recognize you from the Guardian.” Gotta love small towns.

Liam and I had breakfast with his cousins and then headed back to the cottage in order for self-catering guests who arrive next week. There was a lot of little things to finish up.

Later that day we had tea with Liam’s cousins. Then we picked up Tony and headed to Bunratty so we could relax a bit before our flight home. We’ve made it a bit of a tradition to stay closer to the airport when we’re there for longer periods of time. It makes it so much easier on us all…we’re packed, our farewells are said and we can just take it easy.

We found a nice guesthouse called Bunratty Grove, ate dinner at the Creamery and went to bed early.

Author: Corey

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