Photo Day

corey says…Today started with Liam’s handyman cleaning the chimney. The process was tidy…for the most part, but there was still coal dust making an appearance throughout.

I stopped by Tony & Liza’s cottages to get some photos while the sun was shining. It was a great day with blue skies, puffy clouds and a perfect temperature.

While I was at Liza’s, I also had a chance to record Aine doing a recitation. It’s going to be great for the podcast.

When I got home, I was surprised (or maybe I wasn’t) to find out the guys who were scheduled to install the windows in Liam’s addition never showed. They called to say they’d be in tomorrow. This process started in May and was supposed to be done in 4 weeks…alas, there is a lot of procrastination when it comes to the smaller construction jobs.

Liam’s electrician did show up, so the work he was having done on that front was completed. Then we stopped at Liam’s cousin’s for evening tea before heading to bed.

Author: Corey

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