15 Websites to Help Plan Your Trip to Ireland

You’re going to Ireland, and now you find yourself addicted to the Internet’s all-you-can-eat buffet of Irish travel info.

If you’re like most Irish Firesiders, you’re probably spending most of your internet time gobbling up every possible tidbit of info about the Emerald Isle. However, you probably have to worry about things like food, shelter, and a boss who doesn’t include your Irish research on your must-do list, so let me save you some time and give you a direct line on some of the best Irish travel websites out there:


  • B&B Ireland: Sure they list B&Bs, but their blog dishes out great travel advice too.
  • Discover Ireland: loaded with great info, but it’s their blog where they hide the golden travel nuggets.
  • Engaging Ireland Podcast: audio episodes and blog loaded with info
  • Got Ireland: extensive travel advice as well as segments on music, culture, and history.
  • In Your Pocket – Dublin and In Your Pocket – Belfast: written especially for visitors to Ireland’s capital cities.
  • Infinite Ireland: a one-stop resource for those planning their first trip to the Emerald Isle.
  • Ingenious Ireland: multimedia walking tours and books with an emphasis on Ireland’s contributions to science and innovation
  • Ireland with Kids: practical tips and ideas for touring Ireland with young family members.
  • Ireland Tours: a growing list of unique tours in Ireland with a focus on localized activities.
  • Ireland Travel Kit: a location-specific site with fascinating collection of unique and offbeat places
  • Ireland Yes: a fantastic package of tips and an über-friendly Q&A forum.
  • Megalithic Ireland: great photos and descriptions of Ireland’s most ancient sites.
  • Pól Ó Conghaile: This journalist is rightfully known as “Ireland’s Travel Expert”
  • Vibrant Ireland: a collection of things to do in see that go beyond the usual guidebook fare.
  • Virtual Visit Tours: interactive panoramas of places throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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